Attention All Member of Christ Lutheran Church!

We request each voting member fill out this survey using the QR Code.

Christ Lutheran Church celebrated her 75th Anniversary on Sunday, June 5, 2022 at a single Divine Service that morning. Following this celebration, it was suggested, by various members of the congregation, of having a single united Divine Service on Sunday mornings throughout the year rather than two each Sunday morning. Several other occasions have also seen a single Divine Service on Sunday mornings.

With that background, other items to keep in mind of having one Sunday Divine Service:

  • A more united congregation in Word, Sacrament, and song
  • The current sanctuary has seating for 400+
  • Knowing others within the congregation
  • Musical opportunities for choirs, instruments, and handbells at one service
  • Less demand on elders and communion assistance in distribution with the pastors

 In order to gauge the various opinions within the congregation, the summer of 2024 (June, July, & August) is being put forward as a “trial period” for a single Sunday Divine Service.

This survey is to see if there is a preference and is only intended to collect the congregations' thoughts for a trial period of one Sunday service in the summer of 2024 (June 2nd through August 18th).

Please note: the Saturday, 5:30PM service time would remain unchanged.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to an elder.