Online Resources

Christ Lutheran Church recommends these resources for educational and informal purposes.

These resources range from online versions of the Holy Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, and the Book of Concord to websites for the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, the Central Illinois District of the LCMS, the Seminaries and Colleges within the LCMS and the auxiliaries of the LCMS to Lutheran Podcasts and Radio shows.

Online Editions of the Bible & Other Theological Resources 

Bible Gateway - A tool that allows you to search for books and verses within the Bible

Luther's Small Catechism - A free online edition of Luther's Small Catechism

Book of Concord - A free online edition of the Book of Concord

LCMS Resources

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod - The Official Website of the LCMS, the Lutheran Synod that Christ Lutheran Church is a part of.

LCMS Reporter - The Official Newspaper of the LCMS 

Concordia Publishing House - The Website for the Publishing Arm of the LCMS

Portals of Prayer - The quarterly devotional booklet from the LCMS

Life Together With President Harrison - The monthly digital news digest of the LCMS, hosted by President Harrison.

Central Illinois District Resources

Central Illinois District - The Website for the Central Illinois District of the LCMS

Camp CILCA - The Website For The Central Illinois Lutheran Camp Association (CILCA), a Lutheran summer camp located in Cantrall, IL 

Lutheran Hour Ministries Resources

Lutheran Hour Ministries - The Official Website for the Lutheran Hour Ministries

The Lutheran Hour - The radio broadcast and podcast of Lutheran Hour Ministries

Resources & Training - Resources and training that Lutheran Hour Ministries

Daily Devotions - The Daily Devotion from Lutheran Hour Ministries 

LWML Resources

LWML - The Website for the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League 

LWML (Central Illinois District) - The Website For The CID branch of the LWML

Seminary Resources

Concordia Theological Seminary - Ft. Wayne IN - The LCMS Seminary located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Concordia Seminary - St. Louis, MO - The LCMS Seminary located in St. Louis, Missouri

For the Life of the World - CTSFW - The Magazine of Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft Wayne, Indiana

Concordia Seminary Magazine - The Magazine of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri

Concordia University Resources

Concordia University System - Website For The Concordia University System

Podcast & Radio Resources

Issues, Etc. - The Lutheran radio talk show and podcast, Issues, Etc.

KFUO Radio - The official broadcast radio station of the LCMS

Magazine Resources

Lutheran’s Engage the World Magazine - A quarterly magazine published by the LCMS that engages the Church in the work of witness and mercy across the globe in life together.

The Lutheran Witness - Online Resource to View The Lutheran Witness Magazine

Other Resources

Lutheran Liturgical Congregations - Resource that helps Evangelical Lutherans find Lutheran congregations with the historic liturgy of the church and practice closed communion.

Project Wittenberg - Online Resource that features historical works from Martin Luther, the LCMS, and other Lutheran teachers

Stewardship - StewardCAST Newsletter - The official newsletter for the LCMS Stewardship Ministry

Higher Things - Website For Yearly Lutheran Conference For High School Youth, Higher Things