Bible Studies

Adult Bible Class

Sundays @ 9:25 AM

The Book of Revelation, in the Parish Hall and via Zoom. 

The Book of Daniel, in the Christian Fellowship Area and via Zoom.

Sharing Joys

Is taking a break now.

Men's Bible Studies

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY… Is taking a break until the beginning of the new year.


Women's Bible Studies

Join us for a small-group Women's Bible Study.  Check our Upcoming Events or calendar for details. 

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY... Will meet on the 3rd Thursday at 7:00pm in the library or with Google Meets. We will be using the following schedule: 

Feb. 18th @7 pm – “Lord, I Can’t Handle This!” 

Mar. 18th @7 pm – “A New Spring Wardrobe” 

Apr. 15th @7 pm – “Who’s Number One?” 

May 20th @7 pm – “Then Act – Compassionately”


Past studies include:

Sip, Savor and Drink Deeply - Receive God's Overflowing Gifts

-by Deb Burma

Living a Chocolate Life  

- by Deb Burma

Beautiful Feet 

- by Deb Burma