Our Mission 

To this end and with the help of God, we will do this through
preaching, teaching and reaching.


Our Core Values




Preaching the word and administering the Sacraments in the Divine Services will be distinctively:
  • Christ Centered and Law-Gospel focused exposition of Scripture.
  • Sacrament-focused.
  • Confessional and liturgical in worship practice.


all things Jesus has commanded in His Word through instructional opportunities that will intentionally:
  • Study Holy Scripture with a Law and Gospel emphasis.
  • Promote an understanding of Holy Scripture as presented in Luther's Small Catechism.
  • Facilitate the application of the Catechism in daily life through prayer, family and personal devotions.


out to others
  • In need of mercy, compassion, and spiritual care.
  • In physical and material need.
  • In witness of Christ's love.


Our Logo



Design and Symbolism


Crosses - Jesus' death and pain reminds us that faith in Jesus is what saves us.

Luther's Rose - Faith in Jesus brings true joy, consolation and peace, not worldly joy and peace.

Blue background - the hope for coming joys of heaven though not yet revealed.

Gold crown/rim - symbolizing unending joys of heaven more precious than any other treasure.

Cross in heart and points on cross - Outreach.